Top 7 Career-Boosting Tips for New Developers in 2022

As a self-taught developer and a newbie, I got interested in a few different development fields. PullRequest is a platform for code review, pursuing better code practices built for teams of all sizes. We have the world’s largest network of on-demand reviewers, backed by best-in-class automation tools.

Advice for Experienced Developers

If you take no other tips from this list, just let this be the one to focus on. I will be adding to and modifying this list over time, I want this to be as useful as possible and go beyond things like “do these tutorials and then do leetcode” or whatever. Bring a notebook, listen with intent and write everything down.

Build projects you love

If you’re learning to program in 2017, you will need to learn at least a certain amount of JavaScript. Whether you love JavaScript or hate it, know that JavaScript shows up in many different programming specialties. Learning some of it at some point in your coding journey is incredibly practical. Among other things, front-end developers are responsible for writing code that makes pages slick and responsive. Front-end developers also sometimes work with cool animations to make transitions between states of the application pixel perfect. Besides, the name of the relationship isn’t all that important—what you really want here is to get external feedback and make progress toward your goals.

Advice for Experienced Developers

By solving the same problem many times with the same or similar solutions, you get to understand the problem really well. This gives you a sense of mastery, which I’ve found to be great for my emotional well-being when I’m mostly frustrated by programming problems. You can treat these as either a meditation, where you’re thinking deeply, or as a race, where you’re honing your skills with the tools. Some folks even treat repetition katas as a performance, with or without musical or spoken accompaniment. In this article, I’d like to share some tips for early-career developers, including code school grads.

Participate in dev events and meetups

I tend to find reassurance in my abilities when mentoring and helping out other devs as well. Are you hiring senior+ engineers or engineering managers? Apply to join The Pragmatic Engineer Talent Collective to contact world-class senior and above engineers and engineering managers/directors. Look for opportunities to work on different stacks, different domains, and challenging projects.

Advice for Experienced Developers

The tips will help developers fast-track their careers, make an immediate impact, and stand out so they get noticed by companies seeking skilled and motivated developers. The software engineering space has become hyper-competitive. The demand for experienced developers is higher than ever, but the story is not the same for junior developers. When I started, I would feel afraid or intimidated and would often doubt my abilities. Over time though, I grew more confident in my abilities.

Never stop learning, it’s part of the job.

So it’s OK if they get broken as you’re learning. Having a breakable toy lets you see how different ideas work in the long term, which is super-helpful in the work world. But while I want to help personally, with limited time and my other work and family responsibilities, it’s not scalable for me to meet with everybody.

Advice for Experienced Developers

You should also meet with team leaders and the CTO before signing on the dotted line. I’m sorry if this sounds like Nietzsche, but self-knowledge is vital. You may well be invited to comment on or question the process that the company uses. On the one hand, if you think you have been exposed to something more detailed than what they are using, say so.

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During my apprenticeship at 8th Light, I wrote a blog post every day, and it was a huge help in my development. It forced me to reflect on what I’d learned that day, which helped on those frustrating days where nothing seemed to go right. Putting my daily struggles and learning needs into words required me to understand them much better than if I hadn’t written them down. And that made it much easier for me to get past those struggles. OK, so you’ve invested a bunch of time, and probably money, into your progress in the software industry.

  • The main task here is to understand and extract the “essence” of a given approach / database / library.
  • We try to translate this into how we organise our company.
  • Ruby is a programming language with fluid syntax, which makes it a great language to get started.
  • ” are entirely designed to make sure you can apply structured reasoning and recognize the validity of your own answer.

If something stumps you, ask one of your colleagues for guidance. You’ll learn something new and they’ll get the opportunity to put their existing knowledge to good use!

Be mindful of your interpersonal skills

The Google template I normally use is “problem language/framework/library” in as few words as possible and without filler. So, “sort array JavaScript”, “spin element CSS”, or “create router Vue.” There isn’t a right answer for what programming language to learn first; however, some will be easier to pick up.

Make sure your online presence is maximized with an active and updated profile. Comment on company updates, participate in group discussions and try to get recommendations from CTOs or team leads you may have engaged with previously. Also, consider engaging with recruiters and head-hunters for additional impact.

We are sharing bare-bone facts and strategies we’ve learned the hard way

If you are too shy to ask in public, ask directly via private chat message. Sometimes the idea is just not right or was already tried. Other times, “No” is “we don’t have time right now” because of other priorities. Most of the habits you pick up in the early days of your career will stick.